Introducing the Elves of Eryri

Our nonprofit organisation is recruiting five 16-21 year-old volunteers for our two-week nature camp in Snowdonia National Park in July 2020.

The organisation

“Associazione Culturale Punti di Vista” (Points of View) is a Sardinia based nonprofit organisation whose mission is to make a contribution to society, and our community, by providing young people with the opportunity to grow, socially and individually, in a safe and healthy natural environment. We strive to deliver on this promise by offering unique outdoor learning experiences for children aged 7 and upwards, adopting a holistic, humanistic and experiential approach to education.

The project

Teaming up with an English teacher from north Wales we have set up a new edition of our flagship project “Vita da Elfi” (An Elf’s Life). The main aim of the project is to develop young people’s environmental awareness and encourage them to adopt eco sustainable behaviour in their daily lives.
This is achieved through a range of carefully selected activities – designed within the context of our  travelling social circus – which blend English, environmental education and the arts. In July 2020 we are  bringing 22 Italian elven expeditioners aged 12-16 to Snowdonia for our first overseas residential nature  camp.

The position

English Language Assistant and Camp Mentor Our organisation is looking for volunteers to come and work  with us for 2 weeks from 19th July to 2nd August. You’ll work alongside a close-knit group of 5 friends from around the world, who are all experts in their field. There is a great vibe in the group and you’ll be  welcomed with open arms.

Skills required and to be acquired

There will be a vast array of skills to learn on the job, but very few specific skills required to join us and fit  right in; perfect for a first foray into the world of work. The skills you will pick up with us include;

  • How to teach English as a second language
  • How to schedule and organise activities for youth groups
  • How outdoor education activities are structured and delivered

What we expect of you

  • English.
    You will need to ensure opportunities to communicate in English are maximised at all times. This is your  primary mandate.
  • Environmental awareness.
    A heightened sense of environmental awareness is a definite plus for any aspiring candidate.
  • Energy.
    On a camp like this boundless energy is a must.
  • Enthusiasm.
    This is a huge driving force for all of our team and participants.
  • Empathy.
    You’ll need to be super sensitive to the needs of your fellow camp members.
  • Encouragement.
    The elves will look up to you and seek inspiration and encouragement from you as their mentors.

Your tasks

You will be deployed as a mentor and language tutor. The elves will look up to you and as such, you will need to be sensitive to their abilities and needs and pick up on any issues which require intervention. For example, you may notice a person having trouble fully integrating in the group. Others may find using English too challenging. Your job will be to facilitate this, amongst other things. Our experience has taught us that on camps like this so much can happen. It’s not easy to predict exactly what all of your tasks will be, so it’s best to be open-minded and flexible. We are on duty 24/7 but time and days off are arranged to allow everyone to stay rested and ready to give their best.

What is certain is that you will be actively participating in all the adventure activities, including:

  • Gorge walking
  • Mountain biking
  • Rock climbing
  • Abseiling
  • Hiking
  • Kayaking

In addition, you will be responsible for co-planning and delivering a limited number of English language activities yourself as part of the challenge laid out for you. All of which will take place with the full support of our team of experts. We want to see you succeed and shine too!
By volunteering with us, you’ll be making an important contribution to the development of a project which sits within an educational context on the up across Europe.
Candidates who prove themselves will be offered opportunities to participate in future projects both in the UK and abroad, especially in Sardinia, as our expansion plans are executed.
Naturally, we will be more than happy to support your UCAS applications with references, certificates of attendance and full details of the tasks carried out and skills acquired during your time with us. This documentation can also be provided to tick any boxes for voluntary work requirements too, if necessary.

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